Riding Season is Back!

The last time I had a good opportunity to ride my V-Strom it was back around Thanksgiving time frame…almost three months ago.

But today, all of that changed. How did it feel to be back on the bike? Watch and see!


Garden of the Gods Video

Highlights of a beautiful morning ride through Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs. It was a cool but gorgeous late fall morning, and the park was mostly empty!

This is such a beautiful place to ride – highly recommended!

Skyline Drive, Canyons, and Mountains – Colorado Has It All!

On Saturday, August 17th, I had originally planned to ride with folks from Compassion International up to Estes Park. However, with family coming in to visit that afternoon, all I could do was a half day ride which was not enough time to head to Estes. That half day ride turned about to be absolutely incredible!

I ended up riding with my brother-in-law, and three of his co-workers. We started in started in Colorado Springs at 7:30am and headed down Highway 115 to Canon City. We ate breakfast, then went down through the Bighorn Sheep Canyon, up Highway 11 towards Florissant, through Divide into Woodland park, and then back to the Springs. Even with all of that, I was still home at 1:55pm!

We had amazing weather for all of the journey and the scenery was absolutely spectacular. The trip took us up along the somewhat intimidating Skyline Drive then down into the amazing Bighorn Sheep Canyon which follows the Arkansas River. Once we headed up towards Divide, we were back in the mountains and driving through amazing areas with super lush and green ranch lands. This is another highly recommended ride!

Fun facts from the ride:

  • 5 = motorcycles…2 Beemers, 2 Hondas and 1 Suzi
    (further classified as 3 touring bikes, 1 cruiser, and 1 dual sport)
  • 203 = total miles ridden door-to-door
  • 46 = pictures taken
  • 15 = GoPro videos captured
  • 1 = very tasty breakfast at Good Thyme Cafe eaten

Map highlights – click for a larger version!

Historic Canon City

This place was pretty tasty!

The amazing drop off view from Skyline Drive

I caught Dana by surprise getting this image!

Doug and his beautiful 1600GTL

Greetings earthling!

Jack and his very shiny Goldwing

This is the view on the other side of the road – the drop off is on BOTH sides!

Al kept us laughing!

After riding Bighorn Sheep Canyon, we turned around here


Wouldn’t want to fall in here!


Doug and The Bee Tamer





When is the last time you saw one of THESE!?

That’s all for now – thanks for riding with me!