Cortech Super 2.0 8-Liter Magnetic Tank Bag

REASON FOR PURCHASE: Convenience/Storage
I already had two side cases and a top case, but I wanted a tank bag to easily keep small odds and ends handy. I also wanted a place to keep my camera handy on certain rides. I wanted quick access instead of having to get off the bike, unlock a case, and then dig for what I wanted. This Cortech tank bag fits the bill perfectly!

I purchased this at a local motorcycle shop. Their price was competitive ($89.08 w/tax), and while I feel their customer service could be better, I do enjoy supporting local businesses when possible.

Simple – put it on!

When I first bought it, my Dad and brother-in-law weren’t 100% convinced that the magnets would hold the bag to my Bee. I wasn’t positive either, but I was hopeful because I liked the bag. I’m not a fast rider, but we do get some vicious winds here in Colorado!

I am happy to tell you that I’ve now ridden with this bag for over 6 months and it has performed flawlessly, even in a huge rainstorm! As a bonus, the bag comes even with a stowaway rain cover that is easy to put on and works perfectly.

My camera fits perfectly in the bag for when I want quick access to that, otherwise, I keep my wallet, snacks, sunglasses, garage door opener, chapstick, etc in the bag and still have room to spare!

The only negative I have encountered is that the zipper doesn’t always open smoothly on the right side, and my guess is it’s because of the curve of the bag. It hasn’t been a major issue, and it only acts up every now and then. Overall, I am very happy with my choice to purchase this bag!

The size is a perfect fit for what I wanted, and for my motorcycle
It’s pretty good looking and well made – the magnets hold it in place very well!
Rider’s view looking straight down in to the bag
It was a great choice for what I wanted – recommended!


GPS Mount for Garmin Nuvi 350

I had an older Garmin Nuvi 350 laying around the house and decided it would be much more useful if I put it on my Bee. However, I needed a ball mount to put the GPS unit on. So, I searched for “Garmin Nuvi 350 Mount” on Amazon and the Arkon GN032 came up. It was inexpensive and looked like it would do the trick!

Amazon is fast and competitive as always – I paid $10.02 (the price is currently only $7.20!) with no shipping charge and a two day delivery thanks to Amazon Prime.

Installation was very simple and done in 3 minutes! Just unscrew the two screws leaving the two halves separated, then place them around your bar and re-insert the screws – that’s it!

I know that the Nuvi 350 is not weather proof or rugged like the Zumo series. However, what I have works great and was already paid for! So, after a quick installation, I setup my 350 and it works great! I can easily see the screen and the readout, and it’s nice having a GPS available to use. So if you have an old GPS laying around the house, why not use it on your bike!?

The mount
Showing where it will be mounted (on the bar, just below where you see the ignition)
View from the side
Rider’s view – looks great!

Welcome To The Vee Bumble Bee!

Hello! My name is Michael. I am a husband to a beautiful, wonderful, and very understanding wife; a father to three amazing children who bring us so much joy and get their good looks from their mother; and I am an undeserving follower of Jesus Christ.

I started this blog to share photographs and thoughts of rides that I have taken, and also to share information about some of the modifications that I have done. My hope is that it will help other V-Strom riders (or future riders doing research) in one way or another.

As for the name of the blog – my children affectionately named my 2003 Suzuki DL1000 V-Strom, “The Bumble Bee” when I purchased it. The name stuck, and I am glad it did.

Welcome to The Vee Bumble Bee!