Take Time To Enjoy The Routine

Most every day I take the same route to work. Even though the journey is only 15 miles from door-to-door, there is quite a variety of scenery in a short period of time.

I start in at the high plains, ride through the Black Forest, and then end up close to the mountains. All in 15 miles. Even though the scenery is amazing, I rarely take time to slow down and enjoy it.

It is my every day routine, but what a privilege it is to ride these roads! How about you? Do you take time to enjoy your “routine” rides?

Ride In-3

Ride In-1

Ride In-4

Ride In-2


Sunset Ride with my GoPro Hero 2 + XShot 2.0

I decided to head down an empty road and try to have fun with my GoPro Hero 2 and the XShot 2.0. There were no cars around, and I was going pretty slow, but I still wouldn’t recommend trying this!

Riding Skyline Drive – Amazing Video

This is a little bit of a long video, but it’s well worth watching! If you can, watch it in HD and FULL SCREEN!

Here is the GoPro video of our ride on Skyline Drive in Canon City, Colorado. The road is just off of U.S. Highway 50 and is well worth visiting. The views are incredible – it is quite an experience as long as you pay attention to the road!