Riding Season is Back!

The last time I had a good opportunity to ride my V-Strom it was back around Thanksgiving time frame…almost three months ago.

But today, all of that changed. How did it feel to be back on the bike? Watch and see!


GPS Mount for Garmin Nuvi 350

I had an older Garmin Nuvi 350 laying around the house and decided it would be much more useful if I put it on my Bee. However, I needed a ball mount to put the GPS unit on. So, I searched for “Garmin Nuvi 350 Mount” on Amazon and the Arkon GN032 came up. It was inexpensive and looked like it would do the trick!

Amazon is fast and competitive as always – I paid $10.02 (the price is currently only $7.20!) with no shipping charge and a two day delivery thanks to Amazon Prime.

Installation was very simple and done in 3 minutes! Just unscrew the two screws leaving the two halves separated, then place them around your bar and re-insert the screws – that’s it!

I know that the Nuvi 350 is not weather proof or rugged like the Zumo series. However, what I have works great and was already paid for! So, after a quick installation, I setup my 350 and it works great! I can easily see the screen and the readout, and it’s nice having a GPS available to use. So if you have an old GPS laying around the house, why not use it on your bike!?

The mount
Showing where it will be mounted (on the bar, just below where you see the ignition)
View from the side
Rider’s view – looks great!

A Motorcycle for Missions

It’s time for something a little different, but still motorcycle related!

Last month our church had an opportunity to help purchase a motorcycle for an indigenous missionary. Pastor David lives in the country of Liberia, West Africa and was WALKING three hours, ONE-WAY, to reach some of the churches that he was helping minister to.

Our church wanted to do something special for Pastor David, so we partnered with Teamwork Africa to help purchase a Meilun ML125-5. These bikes can be easily fixed in a 3rd world nation like Liberia, and they are very inexpensive to maintain.

Facts About the Meilun:

  • 125cc
  • Drum brakes
  • 2.6 Gallon Tank
  • Over 100 miles per gallon (!)

I think this is a neat story to share not only because of the interest in a motorcycle from half a world away, but also because of the purpose of the motorcycle. It will be used to help a Liberian Pastor be able to reach other Liberians for God! How awesome is that? Here is a picture of Pastor David on his brand new bike!



(Note: the date on the picture is Euro format which Day/Month/Year. Ex: 11th of July, 2013.)

1000 Miles!

Today was a good day…I have now ridden 1,000 miles since owning my V-Strom!

To celebrate, I had the opportunity to take my 10 year old daughter for a short ride, and then my 7 year old son. We just bought them each a kid’s full-face helmet a couple of weeks ago, and this was their first time on the Bee. I enjoyed having them on board, and hope it will be the first of many more rides together!