Sunset Ride with my GoPro Hero 2 + XShot 2.0

I decided to head down an empty road and try to have fun with my GoPro Hero 2 and the XShot 2.0. There were no cars around, and I was going pretty slow, but I still wouldn’t recommend trying this!


Time Lapse of Riding U.S. Route 6

This is a time-lapse of me riding out U.S. Route 6 from Golden, Colorado to Idaho Springs, Colorado. I then take exit 240 to Colorado State Highway 103 (Chicago Creek Road / Squaw Pass Road) towards Echo Lake. It’s a beautiful drive!

Video: GoPro Hero 2

A Nice Video from a Beautiful Ride on County Road 126

I took this video as I was riding towards Deckers, Colorado and then eventually on to Woodland Park. The road is Pine Valley Road which then turns in to Deckers Road (or also called County Road 126).

It is a BEAUTIFUL ride through a lush, green valley combined with a beautiful river that flows along side the road at times. I would highly recommend a visit!