“The Challenge” – A Group Ride Through The Diverse Lands of Colorado

On Saturday, July 24th, I had the opportunity to ride with a great group of folks from Compassion International. The journey started in Colorado Springs and then we headed up to Golden, Idaho Springs, Echo Lake, Evergreen, Conifer, Deckers, Woodland Park, and then back to the Springs.

We had good weather for 90% of the trip, but we did get a pretty good rain storm towards the end of the day. Honestly, I thought the rain brought out a different kind of beauty as you would see pockets of fog in low areas and ground steam in others. It really was a beautiful journey.

The trip took us from the interstate to canyon roads to mountain passes to wide open spaces. There are LOTS of twisty roads on this ride, and the Colorado Rider Map lists the journey as difficult. In fact, there were a couple of signs that read, “Motorcycles use extreme caution!” I would just recommend taking your time and paying attention on the curves.

Fun facts from the ride:

  • 7 = motorcycles (4 Beemers, 1 Honda, 1 Aprilia, and 1 Suzi)
  • 9 = riders (two wives riding with husbands)
  • 250.4 = total miles ridden door-to-door
  • 56.74 = mpg
  • 35 = pictures taken
  • 2 = GoPro videos captured
  • 1 = bag of beef jerky consumed

What a fun day for a grand total of $15.48 in gas!

Here is a fun map with the highlights of our journey – click for a larger version!

Coffee – the other type of fuel
Leaving for Highway 6 – Clear Creek Canyon Road

Echo Lake is beautiful!
I wish we would have had time to walk the trail
The Bee fits right in to the wild!
Yours truly
Waiting for the flagger to give us the go ahead on Squaw Pass Road
And still waiting…
After getting shut out at Evergreen (no place to park!), we headed on to Conifer for lunch

The last stop – donuts and ice cream for those who chose to indulge!
Time for some helmet camera pictures!
Off road time
What do you do when waiting? Take more pictures!
Back on the road again – literally. The scenery ranged from forests….
Golden 19
To wide open land!


And that’s it! I hope you enjoyed the ride…I’m already looking forward to the next one!


A Nice Video from a Beautiful Ride on County Road 126

I took this video as I was riding towards Deckers, Colorado and then eventually on to Woodland Park. The road is Pine Valley Road which then turns in to Deckers Road (or also called County Road 126).

It is a BEAUTIFUL ride through a lush, green valley combined with a beautiful river that flows along side the road at times. I would highly recommend a visit!