Cortech Super 2.0 8-Liter Magnetic Tank Bag

REASON FOR PURCHASE: Convenience/Storage
I already had two side cases and a top case, but I wanted a tank bag to easily keep small odds and ends handy. I also wanted a place to keep my camera handy on certain rides. I wanted quick access instead of having to get off the bike, unlock a case, and then dig for what I wanted. This Cortech tank bag fits the bill perfectly!

I purchased this at a local motorcycle shop. Their price was competitive ($89.08 w/tax), and while I feel their customer service could be better, I do enjoy supporting local businesses when possible.

Simple – put it on!

When I first bought it, my Dad and brother-in-law weren’t 100% convinced that the magnets would hold the bag to my Bee. I wasn’t positive either, but I was hopeful because I liked the bag. I’m not a fast rider, but we do get some vicious winds here in Colorado!

I am happy to tell you that I’ve now ridden with this bag for over 6 months and it has performed flawlessly, even in a huge rainstorm! As a bonus, the bag comes even with a stowaway rain cover that is easy to put on and works perfectly.

My camera fits perfectly in the bag for when I want quick access to that, otherwise, I keep my wallet, snacks, sunglasses, garage door opener, chapstick, etc in the bag and still have room to spare!

The only negative I have encountered is that the zipper doesn’t always open smoothly on the right side, and my guess is it’s because of the curve of the bag. It hasn’t been a major issue, and it only acts up every now and then. Overall, I am very happy with my choice to purchase this bag!

The size is a perfect fit for what I wanted, and for my motorcycle
It’s pretty good looking and well made – the magnets hold it in place very well!
Rider’s view looking straight down in to the bag
It was a great choice for what I wanted – recommended!