REASON FOR PURCHASE: Better wind protection and comfort
I got tired of my head feeling like it was in a windtunnel and getting buffeted even at slower speeds. When I purchased the V-Strom it had the MRA 17″ Touring windshield. While it might have been good for some people, I absolutely hated it. To be honest, it might have been better to have no windshield at all than that one. After my very first ride (going home from the dealership!), I knew I needed to upgrade, and quickly.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You will probably need mirror extenders with this windshield! My bike did not have full turn capability (and NO wheel lock) until I installed extenders.

There are numerous companies who make windshields for V-Stroms. In fact, there are so many, that I had a tough time choosing. To be clear, there are several very good options even for an ’03 Strom (there are numerous options are available for ’04 on). My analysis nature took over and I absolutely agonized over my options. In the end, I chose Cee Bailey because there were so many great reviews, and the value for money was very good as well.

I purchased the 24″ windshield ($110) with the light grey tint for ($20) for a total of $130.00 plus shipping. I ordered it on 5/29, they were shipped on 6/5, and I received them on 6/14. Considering the windshields are all hand made, I think that time frame is reasonable. Everything was EXTREMELY well packaged with more than enough protection!

Installation was very easy, even if a little scary. Easy because there are only two screws holding in the windshield on my ’03 V-Strom. Scary because I didn’t have a torque wrench and was afraid of putting too much pressure on the shield when re-installing the screws.

Additionally, the windshield took a little convincing to slide all the way back down in to place. It was getting caught on the grooves and wouldn’t slide all the way down. I figured the Cee Bailey folks knew what they were doing when they made it, so I slowed down and started over. A little patience and a deep breath later, all was well and the screen was in!

I am 5’10” and the wind goes right over my helmet. No more buffeting, and my helmet actually vents now! I still get just a little air which is nice and comfortable, but all of the turbulence on my head and shoulders has disappeared! This is the best modification I have purchased for my V-Strom and I would highly recommend it to anyone else.

Comparing the size difference
Notice how the new Cee Bailey flares out nicely
You can clearly see the size difference in this image


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