My Riding Gear

Here is a list of the gear that I ride with. While we are all built differently, I went ahead and put down the sizes that I purchased just to give you a rough idea of what to expect. I am 5’10” and 165lbs.

Also, while some people go for style and a name brand, I go for comfort and safety. Just like my bike, I purchased my helmet, jacket, and gloves because I tried them on (MULTIPLE times) and enjoyed the fit and value for money. As for the bright yellow – any extra bit of visibility is a good thing in my book.

Helmet: Scorpion EXO-R410 (Large) Scorpion
– I purchased this Scorpion as a good option for an entry level, full face, SNELL approved helmet. It is comfortable on my head, and has acceptable venting.

Also, the field of view is very good! My only complaint would be a little better venting for the warmer days, but even still, it has never been unbearable.


Jacket: Fulmer TourTrak (Medium) Fulmer
– This is a very comfortable, 3/4 jacket with great armor! It has several convenient pockets and has never bunched up or ballooned on me. I would state that even with the liner out, this is a warm jacket. It does have four vents on the front, and one on the back, but it could use a couple more on the warm days.


Boots: Boots I purchased the AlpineStars Web Gore-Tex boots in size 43 (9 – 9 1/2). Even though I usually wear a 10, I had heard these boots run large. I ordered the 43’s and they fit me perfectly! I rode several times in the rain and these boots kept me dry while being extremely comfortable. Highly recommended!


Gloves: Power Trip Grand National (Medium) Gloves
– I really love these gloves! For some reason there has been some mixed reviews on Amazon, but my experience has been fantastic. They are reasonably priced, are comfortable, fit very well, and give good protection. The more I wear them, the more I like them!


Ear Plugs: Hearos Xtreme Protection Plugs
– I understand that there is always going to be a debate about riding with ear plugs. If you decide to wear them, this is a great choice!

They are very reasonably priced for multiple sets, and come with a little plastic case that will hold one set in your tank bag and keep them from getting messed up.


Neck Gaiter/Tube: Schampa Silkweight Tube   Necktube
– I have asthma, and even with a full face helmet, the ambient late fall air can get a little too cold for me. I wanted something light weight that I would easily put over my whole head if I wanted, and yet not change the fit of my helmet. This is exactly what I wanted and I have used it MANY times – excellent purchase!


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