Heated Grips

I didn’t get to write a review of my heated grips before selling the Bee, but the ones I used were the Oxford Heaterz Sports Heated Grips. I’ll admit that I was a little leery of buying them at first. I just wasn’t sure if it was going to be good quality.

The installation was pretty difficult, but that wasn’t the bike’s fault. We had to take a grinder and shave off some of the metal and gunk that was underneath the original grips. Once we did, routing the wires was all pretty straight forward.

Functionally, they were amazing! They had four settings of power – 30%, 40%, 75% and 100%. Most mornings, the 30% was plenty to keep my hands warms with thin gloves. The 40% setting I used when I put on my thicker, Gore-Tex gloves on chilly mornings and it worked great.

On super cold days (mornings that I rode when the temp was below 30F), the 75% setting with my Gore-Tex gloves was awesome. The only time I ever used 100% was to warm up the handles a little quicker – it was always way too warm for me to leave it there!

I would definitely recommend these grips as a nice add on for any motorcycle. Having warm hands can make you considerably more comfortable on those chilly rides!



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