A New Blog!

Hi Everyone,

I want to let you know that I created a new blog called MotoVentures and will be posting all of my photography and ride reports over there!

While I will not be adding any new content here, I will continue to leave TheVeeBumbleBee up and running because it still gets a lot of traffic for people looking at V-Strom accessories.

Thanks for sticking with me and the Bee, and now I hope you’ll join me on some of my new MotoVentures!

Ride Safe,


Updates Coming Soon!

Hi Everyone,

As I promised, I will be writing a post very soon that talks about where the Bee has gone, and I even have a few pictures of it to share with you as well!

Additionally, I have an idea for this blog that I think some of you might really enjoy. As I mentioned in my last post, for me, this isn’t goodbye to riding a motorcycle, but more of putting it on hold for a little while. As such, I am still very passionate about riding and staying in touch with many of you whose blogs I love to read.

So, I hope you’ll still be interested enough to stick around for a little while! You never know, this new direction might involve you in the near future!

Motorcycle Collection at The Lyon Air Museum

Last summer I had the opportunity to take a business trip to Santa Anna, California (Orange County) for a week. During that time, I took one evening to visit the Lyon Aviation Museum. Even though this is a very small museum, the experience I had in talking with the docents and really reading up on each exhibit was well worth it.

The museum also features some beautiful vintage motorcycles, and I thought some of you might enjoy seeing part of their collection. If you’re in the Santa Anna area, it’s well a few hours of your time to go visit!














Why We Ride – AWESOME Documentary

I know that most every motorcycle rider under the sun has already blogged about this, but here is my take on the documentary “Why We Ride”:


My wife and I watched the movie together this evening and we both really enjoyed it. It was well filmed and assembled a great picture of the motorcycling community as a whole.

So how good was it? The best compliment I can give is that it made me thankful that I have a motorcycle…and it made me want to get on and ride right now!