The Last Flight

I know I’ve been very quiet lately, and that is for a very serious reason. After much prayer and consideration, I decided to sell the Bee.

It’s not because I didn’t want to ride. I love riding!

It’s not because of finances. The Bee was paid for!

It’s not because I wanted a different bike. The Bee was everything what I wanted!

It’s not because of my wife. She supported me riding and never once asked me to sell it!

So what in the world would possess me to sell something that I love so dearly? It’s because I love my family more than I love riding. My wife and I, and my three kids, all have a very close relationship. We love each other and we love spending time together. Although my riding really didn’t cut in to family time, some other thoughts crossed my mind.

As a single income family, what would happen if I were in a serious accident? Sure, there is disability insurance…but that would only help for so long. Would I really want to put my wife and three young kids through that type of stress and heartache?

I know, I know – I could get hit by a bus crossing the street and end up in a world of hurt as well. However, there is a certain risk that comes with riding, and that is something that I had to own up to as a family man and admit that I wasn’t sure if I was okay with the cost.

Even with all of that, this was not an easy decision. The Bee was more than a motorcycle to me. I have many wonderful memories of spending time “farkling” it with my Dad, my brother-in-law, and my son. The emotional value far surpassed it’s monetary value.

As silly as it may sound, the Bee was even a source of comfort and peace for me as I finished my degree. Many times, after a long night of homework, I would leave for work and the ride there would make me feel awake and alive. Many times after long days at work and feeling like I was so burnt out that I just didn’t have any motivation, the ride home would make me realize how beautiful life is and how much I had to be thankful for.

This one one of the hardest decisions that I have had to make in a while. But for now, I have to believe that I made the right decision for my family.

Is this walking away forever? I don’t think so. One day, when the kids are much older, maybe I will ride with my son or daughter! Maybe when the kids leave home, my wife and I will enjoy journeys together on a bike. Right now I just want to be there for my family, and make wonderful memories together with lots of other activities.

I’ll post another update in the near future with information about where the Bee has gone, and maybe even a picture with its new owner. After talking with him many times, I believe that the Bee will live on with many wonderful adventures in the years to come!

For now, I’ll leave you with a picture that I took on the last ride that the Bee and I took together. It was a beautiful day – just miles of open road and that peace that only comes from being on a motorcycle. I cherish every memory…



7 thoughts on “The Last Flight

  1. Why does this sound so familiar to me?

    Maybe because I am (was) in exactly the same situation as you are now (verbatim even!). I’d like to make a suggestion.

    Buy a basket case, make and model not important, and build it with your kids. They will love you for it. You can take as long as you want (need) to complete the project, time is not important.

    This way you stay in touch with bikes and you might even have sometime to blog about 🙂


    • Thanks so much for sharing your story – that’s a great suggestion! Like you said, the time together is what is important. I’ll give this some thought, along with the possibility of small, cheap dirt bikes for us all!

  2. As a father of one, I had a difficulty finding rider buddies. Nobody wants to wake up at 6 am on Sunday morning to go to a beautiful ride with me so I became a sole rider. I do it because I love two things at the same time; riding and my family. The riders I know usually meet up at noon, and get back from riding in the evening. I, on the other hand, start riding early and come back early in order to enjoy Sundays with my family. I am sorry to hear that you have to separate your ways with your bike however I also appreciate your thoughtfulness and care for your family. That is enough to make you a considered beautiful human being. Thanks for the share and hope that you and the roads meet up again soon.

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