A V-Strom On Google Maps!

Geek Alert: I just have to say that this is the coolest, random thing I’ve seen in a while!

So I decided to use Google street view to check out a road that I would like to ride sometime in the spring. I’ve done this several times before when planning a route, and it has become a helpful habit. However, I wasn’t prepared for what I found tonight…

A V-Strom!

Sure enough – right there on Colorado Hwy 67 going behind Pikes Peak! I’m not sure who he is, where he’s from, or where he’s going…but here’s to the mystery V-Strom rider for giving me a little laugh this evening, and proving again what a small world this really is.





Take Time To Enjoy The Routine

Most every day I take the same route to work. Even though the journey is only 15 miles from door-to-door, there is quite a variety of scenery in a short period of time.

I start in at the high plains, ride through the Black Forest, and then end up close to the mountains. All in 15 miles. Even though the scenery is amazing, I rarely take time to slow down and enjoy it.

It is my every day routine, but what a privilege it is to ride these roads! How about you? Do you take time to enjoy your “routine” rides?

Ride In-3

Ride In-1

Ride In-4

Ride In-2