The Black Forest Fire – Two Months Later

Two months ago today, the Black Forest Fire started its destructive journey. The fire expanded quicker than anyone could have imagined. After it was fully contained nine days later, it ended up being the most destructive fire in Colorado’s history.

The numbers are haunting
– 14,280 acres burned
– 486 homes destroyed
– 37 homes damaged
– 2 deaths

This post is to help us remember the great sacrifices and hard work that all of the emergency workers made. It is also to remind us that many people are still homeless, even tonight.

The smoke smell is still present most everywhere you go

My heart goes out to those who lost everything


Even after such devastation, the forest fights back with new growth (note the patch of green)

Every inch of this little truck was burned – it was absolutely shocking to see



Humans were not the only ones to be displaced…


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