A Motorcycle for Missions

It’s time for something a little different, but still motorcycle related!

Last month our church had an opportunity to help purchase a motorcycle for an indigenous missionary. Pastor David lives in the country of Liberia, West Africa and was WALKING three hours, ONE-WAY, to reach some of the churches that he was helping minister to.

Our church wanted to do something special for Pastor David, so we partnered with Teamwork Africa to help purchase a Meilun ML125-5. These bikes can be easily fixed in a 3rd world nation like Liberia, and they are very inexpensive to maintain.

Facts About the Meilun:

  • 125cc
  • Drum brakes
  • 2.6 Gallon Tank
  • Over 100 miles per gallon (!)

I think this is a neat story to share not only because of the interest in a motorcycle from half a world away, but also because of the purpose of the motorcycle. It will be used to help a Liberian Pastor be able to reach other Liberians for God! How awesome is that? Here is a picture of Pastor David on his brand new bike!



(Note: the date on the picture is Euro format which Day/Month/Year. Ex: 11th of July, 2013.)


2 thoughts on “A Motorcycle for Missions

  1. Thanks for the shoutout to Bro David and Teamwork Africa. I appreciated working with David when we served in Liberia. He is a very humble man. This is his very first vehicle in his life. He is 62 years old.

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