A Setback

This afternoon’s appointment did not go as planned. In fact, I hadn’t even planned on what happened!

This afternoon I went to my doctor appointment and was looking forward to getting my stitches removed. What I hadn’t anticipated was the fact that my stitches weren’t ready to be removed. The doctor probed the area and aside from some minor discomfort, all seemed well. He cut the first stitch, furthest away from the deepest part of the cut…and then it happened.

The cut split open.

The finger had not bonded well, so the skin opened up and separated. It wasn’t a huge gash like the original cut, but it was enough that I sure felt it. The doctor immediately pinched the finger closed while a nurse applied a Steri-Strip. It was definitely disappointing, but I am thankful that we found out with a smaller section of the cut instead of a bigger one.

For now, I must be content to wait a little longer. They are going to re-look at my finger on Tuesday or Wednesday and see if has bonded better by that time. Guess what? It’s still a Happy Friday with much to be thankful for! Have a great weekend everyone!


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