Better V-Strom Brake Light Bulbs

My wife followed me home from the dealer on the day that I purchased my bike. When we got home, the very first thing she said was, “You need better tail lights.” Whoever had owned the bike before me had installed LED bulbs. Once I had a chance to check them out for myself, I had to agree…they weren’t very bright/visible.

After going to a local parts store, someone recommended the PIAA bulbs which were about $22 for a set. I thought they would be a great choice, but in the end, they were not that much brighter than the LED bulbs already in place. Honestly, I felt a little cheated out of $22.

My brother-in-law was recommended the SilverStar 1157ST bulbs, and after plugging one in for a quick test, I was amazed at how good they were! Honestly, these $7 a pair bulbs from Walmart outperformed a $22 set of PIAA bulbs. I would highly recommend them for your V-Strom tail and brake lights!

Installation is easy and quick. Simply remove your seat, stick your hand in towards the plugs, twist, and you’re out! You may want to have a clean cloth available to handle your bulbs and have a place to rest them before installing.


View of the seat off


Looking towards the tail

I believe safety is a huge aspect to riding a motorcycle. Getting brighter light bulbs is a smart choice…I would recommend checking yours to see if you need to replace them!

Quick Photograph Notes: These images do not do an adequate job of really demonstrating the brightness and ambiance of the bulbs. You really have to see the comparison for yourself to fully appreciate the significant difference.


Original LED bulbs – running


Original LED bulbs – brake


Left = LED, Right = 1157 – running


Left = LED, Right = 1157 – brake


1157 bulbs – running


1157 bulbs – brake


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