Teaching My Dad How To Ride

Perhaps I am one of the few lucky people who get to say that they taught their Dad how to ride a bike. Okay well, a motorcycle, but still.

At age 67, my Dad decided about a year ago that he wanted to learn how to ride a motorcycle. He signed up for the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) course, but during the riding portion the temperature soared to over 100F and he (and a few others) had to walk away from the training for safety’s sake. Thankfully, the class organizers let them return at a later date of their choosing.

Fast forward many months later, and my Dad was back at the class and doing great. He scored a 100% on the written exam and passed the riding exam with flying colors! I was proud of him for sticking it out. In hindsight, the class might have been the easy part; finding a bike for him was another matter! We went together and looked at many different makes and models until he finally found the bike for him – a 1996 BMW R1100RT. The bike had been lowered and had everything that he was looking for.

Just a couple of weeks after owning the RT, I decided it was time to encourage him to ride. He was a little apprehensive of the bike, but I assured him that he would feel great once he was on it. I rode the RT over to a closed-off parking lot and started giving him a refresher of his course. Less than 15 minutes later – feet up and he was away! In between taking a couple of short breaks, he rode for almost an hour and a half, practicing braking, figure eights, left and right turns, and the list goes on. In fact, he did so well that he rode the bike home!

It was a great night of fun, and I am proud of my Dad for trying something new and adventurous later in life. I’m also proud of my Mom for letting him! Lastly, I am thankful for the memories that I have, knowing that I helped teach my Dad how to ride a bike!

First legs up!
Practicing stopping and starting
He’s getting the hang of it!
Gentle turns
Looking ahead into his turn
Nice lean!


5 thoughts on “Teaching My Dad How To Ride

  1. Nice! When I was a kid my neighbor was into motorcycles and so my dad, brother and I all got into them at the same time. We rode dirt bikes all over the place through high school. Now that I am married and out of my parents house I went ahead and bought a KLR. I am always drooling over the Wee’s though.

    • Hi Joshua – thank you for your comment! Riding is a lot of fun, but I think it’s always more fun when you can have family and friends get involved too. I absolutely love my V-Strom and would recommend that bike to anyone. You have more off road capability with your KLR, but the Vee’s and Wee’s are still very capable bikes. Thanks for stopping by!

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