1000 vs. 650

There is a LOT of debate about the 1000 vs. 650 versions of the V-Strom. They are affectionately referred to as the Vee (1000) and Wee (650). If you want to cause trouble, just head over to StromTrooper.com or V-Strom Riders International and ask them if you should buy a Vee or Wee. Be prepared to get roasted.

There are already several good comparisons available on the net. One interesting read is Jack Phelps’ thoughts on the 650 vs. 1000. I analyzed all of these type of comparisons to death, and in the end, I came to the solid conclusion that…

Analysis = Paralysis

I honestly didn’t know what to do, and so I didn’t do anything at all for the longest time. Both models offered some excellent pros and cons, but my dilemma was keeping me from making a decision. My point here is not to get in to those differences – both models are great choices! I just want to share with you three reasons that I ended up with a 1000cc. If any of them resonate with you, then maybe it will help you make a decision as well.

Reason #1 – A very nice 1000cc was well within my budget! That’s right – my budget. I didn’t want to go in to debt and spend more money on what might have been a newer or nicer bike. Instead, I found one that I could pay cash for, and I still had money leftover for some upgrades. That is the primary reason I own this bike!

Reason #2 – My home and workplace are at almost 7000 feet above sea level. You loose power (efficiency) the higher in elevation that you go. While I am sure the 650 would have still been very good at this altitude, I liked the thought of having the 1000, just in case.

Reason #3 – I plan on riding double…a lot. My wife has a small amount of interest in riding with me, and having the bigger engine will be nice for that. However, my rapidly growing son is VERY interested in riding with me. My desire is to make this a family bike. I want memories to be created with it, and having the 1000 may make it a little more easier or comfortable in the long run.

So there you have it. Three simple reasons. They aren’t scientific or research based…they are preference based! My suggestion to anyone comparing the Vee and Wee is to consider and write down your own personal preferences, then look for a bike that meets that criteria. In the end, just remember to have fun and enjoy the ride!

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2 thoughts on “1000 vs. 650

  1. Hey, this ain’t Liberia you know! You can’t make this a family bike. Only two riders at a time, thank you very much! Other than that, I like your article and might just get a Vee one of these days. A Wee is something my girls play with and is attached to the TV… :0)

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